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Monday, July 19, 2010


We have hit the wall. 7 days of people messing with Flint Lockwood and he's had enough. When I asked him about going to the playroom, he said "No, I want to go home." Blood Pressure? NO WAY! Temperature? NO! NO! NO! Medicine? FORGET IT! GO AWAY!

Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for cooperation from the boy. He needs to get up so we can get the drainage to go down some more. It has leveled off. He still has some fluid around his lungs, too so pray he can pee it off.

As Dorothy says, "There's no place like home... there's no place like home..."


  1. Aww.. Hang in there Zach! You will be home soon and it will all be a distant memory before you know it. Same for you Mom and Dad- I'm sure it's just as hard for you to not just scoop him up and head for the door. Praying for drainage and cooperation. :(
    Heart hugs,
    Jenny (mom to Aly-HLHS)

  2. We are still thinking of you all! Hang in there...all of you! We love you! Home is just around the corner Zach!
    Jon and Brooke Cudd

  3. Oh no! I just got done leaving a message on your last post. Poor guy. Can't blame him for wanting to be left alone.

    Praying it gets better.

  4. I remember thinking at one point... what would they do if I just walked out the door with my baby??? Of course you can't do that because your baby still NEEDS medical attention, but it is HARD as a Mom to know your child is hurting and scared and just wantes to go home... back to normal... back to feeling good again. Ugh... this fontan is at such a difficult age isn't it? Praying for Zach to get a second wind and head on down to the playroom. Praying for you to have the wisdom to know what to say to comfort Zach in just the right way. Love you guys!

    Tina B.

  5. It is so tough when these lil ones get determined to do otherwise. We had and still have a constant battle with meds with Zeb. I will pray for Zach. I was so excited to see him up and about in the prior post, he is such a cutie... Praying for you guys too..I know this is very hard. Sending hugs, prayers and lots of love.



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