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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tubeless and fancy free!

I can't believe it!!! NO MORE TUBES!!! They just removed the 2 remaining chest tubes and Zach is sitting up in bed eating his lunch! Hallelujah!!! We have to hang out until sometime tomorrow to make sure there is no fluid accumulating (they will do another chest xray and echo at some point). If all is well, we will be packing up to go home tomorrow! I keep reminding myself... Don't count your chickens until they are hatched.

In the meantime, here's a video I shot of Zach this morning. Just to prove how good he's been feeling.


  1. He is such a crazy boy!!! Too much energy for one 4 year old! I need some of that!

  2. YEAH!!!!! No more chest tubes, no more chest tubes... it is indeed a day for a celebration :) I know all too well how AWESOME it is to lose the chest tubes! Praying tomorrow is the day you get to come home!!!!! Sleep well tonight my friend... no more Pluer E-Vac :)

    Love you,
    Tina B

  3. Glad Zach seems to be doing better! I'll be praying for the "H" word but won't say it out loud! :) I've been on vacation so haven't checked blogs in a while but I've been keeping up with Zach's progress as much as possible and have certainly had him in my prayers.


  4. What great news! Praying today is the day that he comes home!!



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