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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Zach's adoption story - Part 2

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So, back to that day that I was toiling away at the computer... my husband, Bill, who directs the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in our area had been to a fundraising workshop in February of 2006 with other non-profits from our area. Before the meeting, he mentioned to Alexia Newman, the director of the Carolina Pregnancy Center, about how he and I often cry when we read her prayer requests that she sends out over email, asking prayer for clients who are dealing with unwanted pregnancies. He casually commented, "Maybe one day, God will have a baby for us to adopt."

Gary Lawhorne, with Word of Life Ministries, was at the same meeting and sought out Alexia to let her know about a Hispanic young woman in one of his church groups in a nearby county who wanted to give up her baby to a Christian family. In what I truly believe was a divine appointment, Alexia introduced Bill to Gary. A couple of phone conversations later, we had the details of the situation. This young woman, Nora, was 21 years old and from Guatemala. She only had a couple of months until she was to deliver a baby boy. She and her family could barely provide for their own needs, never mind dealing with such tragic and traumatic circumstances. An American friend from her church, who we affectionately call Aunt Judy, had been helping Nora by taking her to the doctor for her checkups and helping her with paperwork from a local adoption agency. Within a couple of weeks, Aunt Judy came to visit us at our home and arranged for us to meet Nora.

We sat in a restaurant with Nora and her mother, Angelina, and Aunt Judy there to translate, since neither Nora nor Angelina speak much English. Angelina cried openly as we talked about our family, our home , and our church. Nora, much more reserved, spoke quietly through Aunt Judy, and expressed her heart. She didn't want us to think bad of her for wanting to give her baby away, but she knew that it was what God wanted her to do. She assured us that she would not change her mind. We assured her that we would never think bad of her; on the contrary, we saw her as a hero, a mother full of love for the child she would never raise. We promised that we would raise her little boy in a Christian home with as much love as we had for our biological daughter, Rebecca.

A couple of weeks later, Nora, Angelina, and Aunt Judy visited our home and church. We enjoyed a sweet fellowship with them as we ate. As they helped clean up the dinner plates, they marveled at the modern conveniences in our home. We got tickled as Angelina stopped me from scraping food from the plates down the garbage disposal. She didn't understand that it was ok --- Aunt Judy told her that there was a little monster down the drain ready to chew up all that food. They had also never before seen a dishwasher. Though our home is modest by American standards, to them, we live like royalty. Later, it was beautifully sweet as we all sang hymns in English and then Spanish while Bill and Aunt Judy played on their guitars.
That was the beginning of the brief relationship we had with Nora and her family. We took her to a few more doctor's appointments before Zach made his appearance. We had it all planned out --- when it was time, Nora would contact Aunt Judy, Aunt Judy would contact us, and we would all meet at the hospital for the delivery. Nora said that she wanted us in the delivery room and that she did not want to see the baby. What is it they say about "the best laid plans?"

To be continued...

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