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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't you love technology?

So sorry for the gobbledy-goop that posted last night! Don't know what happened there...

So, the docs say that Zach is doing really well (kinda hard to tell it from the picture, huh?). He got off the vent really quick last night around supper time, I think. He didn't waste any time letting everyone know what was on his mind. Our nurse gave him a moistened mouth swab (little sponge on a stick) and he sucked the water out of it. That reminded him of something...

"I want a sucker... from the bank! Just go get me the van so I can drive to the bank!!! Now!!!"

He went on and on about that for a while. Then he said he wanted apple juice. Well, they like to go very slowly after surgery so we don't end up with a sick tummy. We moved to ice chips and then apple juice about 11:00pm or so. That appeased him enough that we were able to slip out and go back to the house for some rest. The nurse encouraged us to do so and I am really glad. We slept for about 6 good hours. Zach on the other hand slept about 2. His poor nurse! He is just so restless and uncooperative and in pain and itching (from the morphine) and "wants to go home now!!!"

Please pray for a few things:
  • Zach has "wet lungs" which is normal but he needs to exercise his lungs and get rid of those fluids. It is causing him to run a fever which I'm sure is not helping him feel any better.
  • pain management is a delicate dance. Pray they can find just the right combo of meds for Zach to be confortable.
  • Pray that once he is comfortable he will be more cooperative.
  • Pray that he can rest (everytime we mention sleep, nap, or rest he says "no, no, no, I don't want to sleep!)
There are not enough thanks for the prayers that are sustaining us now! Keep em coming!


  1. As a fellow heart mom, I can look at that picture and honestly say, he looks GREAT! He doesn't looks swollen at all. Praying that Zach can get the rest he needs, his pain managed and those lungs cleared up.
    Heart hugs,
    Jenny (mom to Aly-hlhs)

  2. Hey Mama and Daddy!!! I agree! Zach looks awesome to be 24 hrs after surgery! Tell Zach I'll give him a sucker when he gets home!!! Nana said she has a BIG all day sucker waiting on him. So do what the docs say so he can feel better real fast! Hugs and Kisses! feel better Zach Love you Bunches! Talk to u later on tonight! Bec and Nana

  3. Sorry about that! Rebecca said Hey Mama and Daddy!

  4. Bless his little heart! I am crying again! What a sweet little boy. I am going to go get him a box of suckers. We are so glad things are going well, he looks good. Still praying...WOW, God is SOOO good. We love yall!
    ~The Hodges

  5. Praying! So glad for the good news--and will be lifting up your requests!!!

  6. Praying for Zach, and for mom and dad as you care for him!

    Robyn Dixon

  7. Pam and Bill, I have been lifting up all your requests up to our Father, weeping and asking for the wonderful outcome that He has granted to little Zach. Praise God! Zach is one of the most precious creations God ever made! I will continue to pray for the itching to stop, the pain to get under control, and for him to exercise those lungs a lot. Love and lollipops to you all! You too Rebecca! Mrs. Yvonne

  8. How funny that he carried on and on about the sucker. Love it. It shows he's got some spunk!

    Glad that things are going well and I'm still praying for a smooth recovery!

  9. We'll be in pcicu for our son's glenn on friday and would love to drop off some suckers for Zach.


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