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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Remember this?

Well, that's the problem. The Band-aid's stuck on Zach.

How is it possible that open heart surgery is a piece of cake compared to changing the bandages on Zach's chest tube incisions? Do you know how hard it is to hold down a screaming 4-year-old --- without hurting him, mind you (I mean we are only 2 weeks post-op) --- and peel off a little-bitty Band-aid? And can it possibly hurt that bad?!!

OK, now I feel a little better. Please share your experiences with this and what to do about it.


  1. It's true! The worst part of Luke's cath was the next day when we had to take his compression bandage off! We finally just had to do it in one fell swoop. NOT FUN! Do you think it's because they need something to control when a lot of things are out of their control?

  2. I don't know if it is because Anna Grace is a baby, but we didn't use bandaids over her chest tube incisions. No bandaids... means no baidaids to remove.

    Tina B.

  3. Zach just has steri-strips on his heart zipper. Thank God we don't have to bandage that one! He only has a band-aid (just one, thankfully) on one of his chest tube sites because the steri-strip came off and it needed something on it still.

  4. Band-aids are a wonderful device to have but an absolute torture to take off. Poor guy! I have to agree with the commenter above about he compression bandages after a cath. Those are the worst band-aid ever.

  5. How about moistening it before removal? It may help a little. Poor little Zach! He's entitled to yell, but I know that un-nerves you Pam! Sounds like a two or three person job to me. :-)

    Cindy H. :-)

  6. I hate holding them down! Will Zach agree to do it himself? I think part of the struggle, aside from the pain, is feeling completely no control over what's happening to their bodies. Maybe if he could agree to do the bandage change, he could own how fast or slow the dressing comes off and he'd do better?? Just a thought. Thank you for all the well wishes through our Fintan journey. We are blessed to have boys who handled the situation about as well as it can be done. Thinking of you!

    Mindi and McKay

  7. I don't have any advice...for once I can say idk...because it was pure torture for Zeb too..and finally in the fight to get it off ..he actually pulled it and it came off..
    no fun..yucko...I hate bandaids myself they are the worst! Hugs to sweet Zach!!

    Rhonda :)

  8. Don't worry ... I had a Band-Aid over my chest tube opening when I was 24 years old ... mommy still had to chase me around LOL ... seriously it hurts ... and most likely is pulling his senstive skin but don't worry about it ... in a few years he'll be a pro at ribbing off bandaids ... even if they are just on a skinned knee :)


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