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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keep praying!

So sorry that I haven't been able to update much. Zach demands (not really a strong enough word) a lot of attention, so when I get a break and can get to a computer I have to take care of necessities like eating and using the facilities (neither of which we can do while in PCICU).

I just realized that I never updated that they did not move us to a room yesterday. They said he had not gotten rid of enough of the fluid in his lungs yet. We are going to be moved sometime today. They are full on the floor but discharging one, so I figure it will be later this afternoon before they have our room ready. It will not be soon enough.

So far, surgery has been a piece of cake in comparison to dealing with a 4-year-old. He so desperately needs to feel some sense of being in control but there are very few things he can control right now. We are having some episodes that I think are what they call "ICU psychosis." We need a change of scenery and a remote control for the TV that works. What more control does a male need? So, please pray for him to behave and be easier to get along with.

He has developed chylous drainage, so we are starting on a fat-free diet. I'm not even going to think about how Zach will react at not being able to eat chicken nuggets. That would be another prayer request --- that he will be satisfied with what they will allow him to eat and that his chylous drainage would resolve quickly.

Gotta run and get back to help Bill as he deals with our Little Napoleon. Thanks for checking on us!


  1. oh no..poor lil chicken nuggets...that would be an emergency for us ...I will pray that he will be happy with what he can eat and that it will all clear up right away... Hope you get to the floor soon..

    Rhonda :) Praying

  2. I am lifting up your whole family!!! I am so sorry about the fat free diet-- NO FUN. Praying for the drainage to decrease, smiles to increase, dry lungs, and more smiles. :) Praying for God to multiply your rest, and your joy-- that the stress of this journey will draw you closer and closer to HIM.
    Jenn-- Rachel's mom
    ps-- Nathan and Rachel have been praying for Zach everyday too!! :)

  3. Dear Father, I lift up to you Pam and Bill, the dear parents of Zach. They need Your strentgh and endurance and mercy and grace in every circumstance during this after surgery stay in the hospital. They need a nice room where they can be a family and go through the recovery with wonderful nurses who care for them and show love and medical excellence in everything they do for Zach and everything they say to the 3 of them. Let there be opportunities for Bill and Pam to share Christ with the staff at the hospital and show Christ to each one who enters Zach's room. Lord, please heal everything in Zach's body to be just the way it should be. Dry the lungs and stop the drainages as they should be stopped. Help Zach to feel calm as he experiences new things and unpleasant things. We pray for all things in his healing to be for Your honor and glory. Thank you for all the things you are doing and will do for Zach and Pam and Bill. Watch over Rebecca in every way too Lord. We praise You for who you are forevermore! Amen.


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