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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Still hangin' out in 7C

Zach is doing so much better as you can see! Saturday morning he still wasn't feeling good at all (hence the prayer request for a "movement"). Praises! He had some success on the potty that alleviated his discomfort for the time being. We got to go to the playroom twice yesterday and took a walk in the hall last night. This morning he went to the playroom for about 45 minutes and did great. We are headed back to the playroom at 2pm. One of his favorite things to do is to doctor on the babies.

They said his chest x-ray still shows some fluid around one lung so they want to leave the chest tubes in until at least tomorrow. He will have another x-ray in the morning. It is just a waiting game.

Zach likes to "mess" with the doctors and nurses, so he says, "I not Zach. I Flint Lockwood." (from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. If you haven't seen it, get it. It's a cute movie) So one of his nurses put his name on the door and printed out a picture of Flint. Funny Boy!!!

In the meantime, we refer often to our roadmap back home. Just before surgery, I checked out The Wizard of Oz and Zach fell in love with it. I ended up buying it and he has watched it about 100 times. When we were in ICU, they suggested making a chart to help Zach to cooperate a little bit more. I started drawing this roadmap that would help Zach see all that we need to do to get back home. You can sing it, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road!"

We have been so blessed by all the notes, emails, and calls. Thank you for your encouragement and support. God is so good and His Holy Spirit has truly been here to comfort and strengthen us. Please continue to pray for Zach to be able to eat (this fat-free diet is tricky) so he can regain some strength, for pain management, for the drainage to taper off, to stay free of any infection, and to be able to go potty again (not necessarily in that order!)


  1. Hey you all! What a nice picture, everyone all smiles! I glad that everything continues to go well and we can't wait until Zach(and you two also) get back home. What a little trooper and so funny. We love you all and will continue to pray for poop and all!

  2. Love, love, love the roadmap you drew - how clever (and you are quite an artist too)! Praise the Lord that Zach has turned a corner. Praying that your stay on 7C is a short one. I know there are so many things that have to work out to get the "OK" for home, but Zach is certainly progressing. God has been so merciful to Zach (thank you Jesus). You are all going to sleep so great when you lose the Pleur E-Vac......

    Love you guys...
    Tina B.

  3. We just wanted you to know we are thinking of yall! Zeke looks forward to seeing pictures of his friend! We pray for him daily and for yall! Do yall need anything? Please let us know!
    Kegan, Amy, and Zeke Flynn

  4. I'm so glad you all have been able to enjoy the playroom so much lately! Zach looks like a great little doctor. :)

    Still saying lots of prayers for Mr Zach...or should I say Mr. Lockwood?? What a funny guy! We'll be down Wednesday. Hopefully you all will be gone, but if not, we'd love to stop by and say hello! If there's anything you need, let us know!!

    Big heart hugs and prayers,

    P.S. GREAT map!! Impressive! :)

  5. Pam & Bill

    Just to let you know that all of you are on our prayer chain at the United Methodist Church here in Mansfield, CT. We are concerned especially for both of you as Zach is getting the care he needs but you both need care too.

    So glad your Mother gave me the blog website so I can keep up to date. I have forwarded it to my Sue also.

    Looking forward to seeing all of you at Thanksgiving.

    love and continued prayers,

    Auntie Eloise (WHO) and Uncle Bill

  6. I love the chart you made Zach! Super cute!!! I am glad that he is doing better and making progress.


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