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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Progress and maybe a better mood

Let me start out by saying that God has showered us with blessings --- as hard as this has been so far, I know that things could be way worse. Thank you for your prayers so far!

The only complication we are dealing with right now is the wet lungs. They are giving him a diuretic, so that will help him get rid of the fluid. He is on various pain meds (toridol, tylenol, morphine, and oxycodone I think) and he actually seemed more comfortable this afternoon as he slept. He ate a little bit, too. We are praying for a restful night!

We may be moved out to the floor tomorrow. He is slowly losing tubes and wires. He removed an IV this morning himself! Not too cool since they will have to replace it sometime soon. They also removed his foley, so I know that is more comfortable for him. He may freak out at tt-ing in his pull-up, though.

Thanks for checking in on us!


  1. Bless you Pam for being a faithful blogger! I am so thankful! We are praying and praying for Zach. I just updated the CBM website with your blog from this am and you posted again since then! I love to have frequent updates! It helps to see God respond to our prayers for Zach!

    Much love and prayers!!

  2. Sounds like Zach is doing awesome - PRAISE BE TO GOD :) 7C.... here comes ZACH :)

    Love you,
    Tina B
    Mom to Anna Grace

  3. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
    It is so good to read how Zach is doing.
    Keeping up the prayers for him and your family.
    Gayle Davis

  4. YEAH for more good news! the boys keep asking and we all keep praying. keep the updates coming! love you all -

  5. Thanks for the updates and the wonderful news of Zach's surgery going so well!! Still praying...specifically as you guide in your reports. :-)

    Love, prayers, and blessings,
    Cindy H. :-)

  6. YAYAYAYAY!!!!!! Zach is rocking!!!! Give him a hug and kiss from The Bentley's. We will see you next week, if you aren't gone. Zach's story is really helping us for next week. More prayers are coming...Liza Bentley


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