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Friday, July 16, 2010

Life is good

Life is good on 7C. Zach is in much better spirits, although he is still ornery at times. He just wouldn't be himself if he weren't. I think he is learning how to tell us about what he is feeling, and he is using words rather than tantrums to express it (thank God!).

He got to go to the playroom yesterday evening after we moved. That is some really good medicine!!! He was pretty uncomfortable, but getting up and moving around is all a part of getting better.

Zach in the wagon - tubes and wires in tow

Zach fixing me a cheeseburger

Lookout Picasso! You've got some competition! He was really worn out here and starting to hurt

Here's a funny that this picture reminded me of.  Yesterday when the doctor was examining him, Zach held up his foot and said, "I think you need to smell my foot!" What a funny boy!

They will be removing his middle chest tube in a few minutes I hope, so he will be much more comfortable. The middle tube is much stiffer than the other two and usually causes much more pain than the other two. They will give him some happy drugs for the procedure and he is ready for a nap, so I hope he will be able to get some rest.

The doctor told Zach that he had to go to the playroom and take his medicine, so hopefully he will heed doctor's orders. The doctor said there is no way to predict how long the drainage will take --- could be 3 days or 8 days. Quite a difference there. We'll take 3, thank you very much. Thank you for your prayers for a quick recovery.


  1. Loed seeing the pics of Zach in the playroom - we just LOVED the playroom too! Praying that the drainage will stop soon so he can lose his chest tubes. It is just amazing how well he is recovering. How are his O2 sats????

    Love you,
    Tina B

  2. Zach is such a funny guy!

    Praying for the 3 days...and for a continued speedy recovery!! :)


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