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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Guessing Game

Can anyone guess what Zach is getting for his 5th birthday? Here are some hints...

Here's another hint... These two are going to get honorary engineering degrees when they are done!


  1. A swing set!? A lot of that looks mighty familiar...that's what D got too. (Minus the cool rock climbing wall that D didn't get! :)

  2. That looks just like our play set! Zach will love it! Happy birthday, Zach!

  3. Oh, I bet he will love that! He told me he was getting a Chipmunk video. He said that you got it out of the redbox and he was MAD when Bill had to take it back and that when he got up Friday you had a new one for him.

  4. I hope Zach had a great birthday!! Thanks for the hospital tips, and definitely let me know the next time you visit out this way! :)


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