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Monday, April 4, 2011

Feedback needed...

I need to draw on the experience of all you other heart moms out there. We are trying to figure out something that has been going on with Zach...

Ever since we got home from MUSC, Zach has been complaining that his right side hurts up under his arm. He is really guarding that arm, holding it against his side and not using it much. We cannot pick him up under his arm and he does not want to lift his arm over his head. He has been on restricted activity since his cath, so he has had not opportunity to injur himself. I called MUSC and they had never heard of anything like this after a cath. I also talked to cardiology over the weekend and he could not think of any reason for the pain, unless it has to do with them raising his arms over his head during the cath. We have an appointment with the pediatrician at noon and have a call in with our cardiologist.

Anyone ever experienced anything like this post-cath?

I went to the doctor Friday because of a painful rash on my shoulder and under my arm and was diagnosed with shingles :(  Very painful. The blisters are about dried up now but the pain continues... My fear is that this pain Zach is having is the precursor to the rash, although no one is supposed to be able to catch the shingles from me. If anything, he would get the chicken pox (but he has been vaccinated so hopefully he is covered there.)

I appreciate any light anyone can shed on our issues!


  1. I have never experienced this with Logan so I am not sure what to tell you. Poor guy! Will be praying for you all!

  2. I'm not a heart mom, so no words of wisdom. I will however, be praying for some answers to be found!
    I'm sorry that you have shingles-- Lilly suffers with that (among many other things) and I know they are very painful. Praying for you too!
    Love ya!


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