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Monday, April 4, 2011


OK, to make up for all the pictures I have NOT taken lately, I thought I would post a few to document our last few days.

They have a sense of humor in the cath lab. You never know what you're going to find afterward...

When they did the cath, they went in both sides --- the left and the right groin. This is one of the 2 pressure dressings that Zach had on his catheter sites (along with a strategically placed washcloth). You can see the smiley face there as well as the time that the dressing was placed, to let recovery know how long to keep him laying flat. The tape is very thick and very sticky. Zach did great when we removed the first one and hollered like a banshee when we removed this one. I have written about the extreme trauma caused by Band-Aid removal around our house... he will need therapy later in life, I'm sure!

There has been an awful lot of this going on these past few days!

Cheeeeeesy grin!

You can see how he is holding his right arm. He is using it very little. 

Bill took Zach to the pediatrician today and he agreed that Zach is definitely in some pain. He sent him down to x-ray and they did about 8 or 9 films! It wasn't long before the nurse called back to say that they did not see anything at all. So, what now???

I just got off the phone with our wonderful cardiologist, Dr. Raunikar. He said that it is possible that the position they had Zach in for the 3 hour cath may be the cause of his pain. (I guess I can relate it to the jaw pain I recently had after a 2 hour root canal. Ow!!!) When we put our bodies in positions they aren't used to, we feel it!

Silly boy --- even when he is in pain!

So, we are to give Tylenol for a couple of days and use a warm compress and see how he does. If he is not better then we will make a cardiology appointment for later this week.

These Cardiac Kids... always keeping us on our toes!


  1. Well, Luke can join Zach in band-aid phobia therapy! Luke HATES them in any and all forms! I don't have any ideas about his arm pain, but I will pray it is relieved soon!

  2. Logan hates band-aids as well. Poor kiddo has had so many ripped off of him in the past four years I can't say I blame him!

    Hope Zach's arm gets better!

  3. Praying for Zach's arm and for YOUR recovery as well. Please keep us posted on how you all are doing.



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