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Sunday, May 15, 2011

4 in 1

I wish I could blame my absence on the issues that Blogger has been having lately, but no, I have just been very busy and when I have had any time to update, I have been very lazy :)

So, this post is about 4 updates in 1. A lot happened in the month of April... well, let me show you...

Easter Morning


 Daddy is so proud of his beautiful girl! So is Mommy!

Zach's 5th Birthday Party

Pigging out with Cousin Eli

Why did we buy him a playground when we could have gotten off cheap with a cardboard box?

Bill took advantage of our party guests... Brother-in-law, David and our neighbor Mr. Joe

Zach is testing out one of the swings to see if Daddy installed it properly. I think it passed inspection!

Mother's Day Tea at Zach's Preschool

This is Zach with his teacher, Mrs. Amy. She is awesome! This was such a special time for us mothers! They had all kinds of surprises for us --- artwork, a special song, and a handmade necklace.

The New Playground
Let me just brag on my husband a minute. He did such an awesome job putting together Zach's playset! It was quite an undertaking! Lots of blood, sweat, and tears!
Putting the last screw in the playground... or so we thought (more on that in a minute...)

Enjoying the slide for the first time

Thanking Daddy for all his hard work

My boys!

OK, so I promised to tell you more about Bill finishing the playground. First, answer one question:

Have you ever seen a playground do a somersault?
Neither have I, but apparently it doesn't go very well.

Unbeknownst to us, last Sunday night during the night there were some pretty strong storms that passed through. When we walked out to get in the car to go to school Monday morning, the playground was laying on its side about 30 feet away!!! I cannot believe that I didn't take a picture of it! I NEVER would have dreamed that the wind could have done that to it! I was so sick and felt so bad for Bill. The funny thing was, Zach did not get upset in the least. I don't think he really understood what had happened. Here are some pictures of the damage...

When Bill got home from taking Rebecca to school, there was a message on the answering machine from our neighbor, Mr. Joe, offering to help. Another neighbor, Mr. Al, also came over. We have some incredible neighbors! They detached the side extension and the slide, stood the house part back up, dug some really deep holes, cemented in some 4x4 posts, which are bolted to the house. Bill says it will still be standing at the Rapture!!!

Today he screwed in the last screw... again!

If we have any more disasters with the playground, I think we will go back to our trusty old cardboard box!

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