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Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29

It was five years ago today that our family took a HUGE step of faith and drove a couple of hours to a small town hospital to meet our newest member.

We were risking our hearts on this little one, so precious as we lay eyes on him for the first time, his birth mother and grandmother weeping bittersweet tears nearby. The tables could have easily been turned on us that day --- we could have been the ones weeping as his rightful mother could have changed her mind. But it was God's divine plan for Zach to be a part of our family --- to complete our family --- and we are so thankful.

I can hardly believe that it has been five years. I cannot believe that Zach is a five-year-old. It just can't be possible that the little 6-pound baby who was fighting for his life is now a BIG BOY who is full of life. God has been so faithful to carry us through the hard times and smile with us through the good times. We are so thankful for you, Zach, for you have shown us what it is really like to live every day. You are a blessing!

Happy Birthday, Zach!


  1. Happy Birthday Zach ... thank you for sharing his story ... your family gives me hope and courage because one day because of me having CHD (in fact Zach and I have the same CHDs) I will be adopting ... I'm 29 years old and doing wonderfully ... Blessings and Love to your family today and everyday!!

  2. How precious! Happy birthday Zach! What an incredible blessing you are! :)


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