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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dancin' Fool

Click on the link to go to Zach's 4K blog --- scroll down to the last item in the latest post to watch a video.
This is a video of Zach on a field trip that their class took this week to see "Mr. Al".

So, I guess you might can tell from the video, but Zach's side/arm is feeling much better. The Tylenol did not help all that much but Dr. Raunikar recommended ibuprofen, which is better for muscular/skeletal inflammation, which Zach has not taken since he was a toddler because of nosebleeds (ibuprofen thins the blood). Nonetheless, it really has helped a lot and he has not had a nosebleed yet. :) It is good to know that we have another option for a painkiller/fever reducer for him. He complained the other day when I picked him up under his arm, so I think it is still tender, so we are continuing to dose him for a few more days. All we can figure is that whatever position he was in during his cath caused him to have soreness.

Now that we are through with the flu season (it was raging for a few weeks around here!) and we have gotten through Zach's cath, we are going to take Zach back to Sunday School in the morning. It will be so good to have all 4 of us in church together again!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Spring weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the update. Glad ya'll are on the mend!



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