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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Zach's language

Zach is adopted. His birth mother is from Guatemala and speaks Spanish but very little English. Before Zach was born, we asked Rebecca, then 8 years old, what kinds of things she was going to teach her new baby brother. We talked about how she would have to teach him how to walk, ride a bike, play games. She piped up, eyes glistening, and said, "I'll have to teach him how to speak English!" As if Zach were going to come out of the womb speaking Spanish. Classic!

Zach still has his own little vocabulary that can sometimes be a little confusing and sometimes is downright cute... Rebecca helped me put this list together.

pooky = spooky
gank-ooo = thank you
dica-dica movers = Imagination Movers
peese = please
bihicle = bicycle
pahicle = popcicle
eng-a-lish = his answer when he is talking crazy talk and I ask him "what language are you speaking Zach?"
kitmas = Christmas
I want to tell you a kestion... = I want to ask you a question
backetball = basketball
cool = school
rit deh or ova deh = right there or over there
licken = listen as in "I want to licken to your iPod, Sissy"
Mikas Beekybak = Rebecca's teacher, Mrs. Breitenbach (sounds like-brightenbak)
Mika Joe = Mister Joe, our neighbor across the street
Take you gackes on, Mommy! = Put your glasses on, Mommy!
tay tordy = his favorite movie, Toy Story
I wanna see you Blueberry, Dada = I want to see your Blackberry, Daddy.
peeando = piano
Why you seepin, Mommy? = Why are you sleeping, Mommy? (MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE YOU WON'T LET MOMMY GET A FULL NIGHT'S SLEEP, ZACH!)
ry-kippy = Rice Krispies
I want some mundy! = I want some money!
I hungee, I hungee! = I am hungry, I am hungry! (What Mommy usually hears around 5:00pm)
Hambone = Zach's version of Sambo, the nickname for Rebecca's best friend Samantha
chikalay = Chick Fil A, Zach's favorite place to eat
choc-o-lit = chocolate (Zach pronounces all the syllables very distinctly)
I want to go to Coc-ki-co = I want to go to Costco (our Saturday ritual - to eat samples, of course!)
I wanna nack! = I want a snack!
You are a fweetie! = You are a sweetie!
You are a little cootie-fella = You are a little cutie-fella - who knows where he learned to say that one?

Of course, I have learned from experience that you don't want to correct all those cute little "mistakes" that they make. Time will pass and they will learn on their own and one day you'll realize that your little one is not so little any more and has a grown-up vocabulary.

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