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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Disney Fun

One of the presents that Rebecca and Zach received from Santa was a trip to Disney World. They were allowed to take Mom and Dad and even Nana Cherryl along, too! We flew down on the afternoon of the 29th, spent 3 days in the parks, and returned early on Jan. 2. The kids had never flown before, so that was an exciting experience, too. We had a wonderful time at Disney, although it was very crowded at times, especially on the 31st. I was a bit worried about how Zach would act when he got worn out (he can sometimes be a pill), but he really did very well and had a great time. We were also worried about how he would be about meeting the characters, but he loved them! As you can see in the picture with Pooh and Tigger, he carried on whole conversations with them. We had a hard time getting him to stop talking long enough to take a picture!

Hello Mickey and Minnie!

Can you believe it? It's Buzz AND Woody!

We really do love each other a lot!

A really BIG smoked turkey leg for such a little boy!

A Kodak moment for sure!

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