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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Enalapril, Lasix, and Pull Ups

Zach had a follow up visit with the cardiologist this morning. If you'll remember, about 2 weeks ago, we told the dr that we had noticed that Zach had been breathing harder as he plays. We had another chest x-ray done and Dr. R. said it looked clearer (he saw pulmonary vascular congestion 2 weeks ago). Just in the past few days I have noticed that Zach's breathing has been a bit better, so maybe that was the cause.

We are still on Lasix 1x a day. That stuff sure does work quickly! We are diligent about going potty every 20-30 minutes for about 1.5 hours after he takes it and we wear a Pull Up just in case! So now, he is bumping us up from 2.0ml to 3.0ml of Enalapril 2x a day. That is a bigger increase than we have ever had before. He said that could increase tee-tee's too. Lovely. Anyone notice that a dosage increase of Enalapril affects behavior for a few days? We have seen that in the past.

The dr could have gone all day without making me realize that Zach's heart cath is a little over a month away. Yikes! In my mind, April seems like a year away. But I know it will be here before we know it! I am nervous --- it has been so long since we have had to have anything major done. Zach had the Glenn at 9 months and curcumcision at 16 months. Now that he is older, I an anxious about how he will deal with it all. This time, he will be very aware of everything that is going on. How will we prepare him? How have you prepared your Brave Hearts for procedures and surgeries? What worked and what didn't? Please post your ideas in comments.

More from the funny boy:

These boots are made for walking,
and that's just what they'll do.
One of these days
these boots are gonna walk all over you.

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  1. Zach is so adorable (minus that terrible shirt! :) I'm glad his breathing has gotten better and that his chest xray looked better. A little relief I'm sure. Hopefully he'll be coming of of some of the meds soon (??).

    I wish I had some info on the enalapril/personality issue for you. Derrick is on enalapril, but he was put on it after surgery and wasn't himself anyway. So I have nothing to offer there. Sorry! I do feel you on the hour or so after the Lasix though. Watch out! I bet it's really tough after they're out of diapers! Ha!

    About the saving the blog that you asked about...there are several places that will turn your blog into a book. That's what I'm planning on doing with ours. I know does it, and there are several others. I have no idea the price or format, or really anything about it. I just know it can be done. :)

    Praying for Zach!!

    Big heart hugs and prayers,


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