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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catching up...

I think I have come to terms with the latest big event in my life... See if you can figure it out.

Rebecca helped Nana Cherryl design this cake in honor of 2 BIG events: the first is my just completing an online Master's degree from USC. I like this kind of computer! Just a clue about the second BIG event... at the bottom, it says

Notice the black balloons that were there at Olive Garden for all to see??? You can't tell, but I am holding my Over the Hill Survival Kit that my loving family gave me: Oil of Old Age, Gray-Be-Gone Hair Dye, Old Age Survival Pills, Over the Hill Soap, and some false teeth. Ha Ha very funny.

I did get a beautiful set of onyx earrings, necklace and bracelet. Thank you so much Bill, Rebecca and Zach!

Other happenings...

This has been such a strange winter here in the South... I can remember some recent winters when we did not even get any snow. This winter, we have had several snow/sleet/ice events and boy, has it been COLD! Our heating bill shows it, too!
Here are some pics we took while enjoying the blizzard that occurred last Friday...

It snowed for several hours Friday afternoon and evening!

It stuck to the trees and was soooo pretty Saturday morning under the sun!

We just had to have a little sledding action, with the olympics going on and all!
They should make snowman building an Olympic sport --- I think we would deserve a medal, don't you?
Zach enjoyed the maze that was created as we rolled the sections of the snowman. 

Poor Mr. Snowman didn't fare too well over the next several days... He eventually fell over but still lies as one small pile of snow despite the past couple of sunny days we have had.

To celebrate Heart Day, I fixed a heart shaped pizza for lunch on Sunday. For Valentine's Day, our neighbor fixed us a heart shaped cake, which I failed to take a picture of before we cut it. I don't think he even knew that it was CHD Awareness week, but it was a nice treat!

I have been so encouraged by all the posts about CHD Awareness Week from other heart families. Before starting our blog and following others, I never knew anything about it! I realize now how important it is to be a voice for my child and spread awareness. I am mulling over some ideas to raise some money in honor of Zach's birthday for the heart walk at MUSC this year. I am also doing some reading about mandatory pulse oximetry, trying to figure out why in the world every doctor wouldn't want to do it. We may be just one in 100, but we can make a difference!




  2. Happy Birthday! I love the changes to your blog. It is SUPER cute!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan


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