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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010 Update... finally!

Our Christmas break has been so fun! I have been so busy that I have barely been able to keep up with everyone else's blogs, nevermind updating our own. I was ashamed to pull ours up with the Fall theme still on it. Changing the look of the blog is a time-consuming process for me, the perfectionist that I am. Nonetheless, here is the new look. It may have to last until summer!

Christmas in our family is celebrated in stages. You'll see what I mean...

This is Round 1 with Bill's family at our house...

 The moms and the kids at the kitchen table
 Bill's mom, Nana Shirley with Debra, Mary, and Bill

We love to get together with our cousins!
 Time to open presents!
 Couldn't get him to sit still long enough to wrap him so we just put a big bow on top!
Zach and cousin Paige playing with his favorite gift - Toy Story 3 Landfill!

Round 2 at Nana Cherryl's and Papa DR's...
 Nana loves it!
 Oh, boy!
 Hugs for Papa...
...and Nana!

Gettin' ready for Santa on Christmas Eve...

Decorating cookies for Santa... or eating them?
 More sprinkles?
Cookies and milk for Santa and carrots and broccoli for his reindeer!

Round 3 at home Christmas morning...
 Look, they were here!
 Dr. Zach got a surgeon's kit, complete with scrubs!
 Santa brought Zach a "camote control car"!
 Sissy's favorite team!
 Mommy can have her coffee on the way to work!
 Mommy got Zach a neat write-on-wipe-off book to practice his letters and numbers.

Round 4 at Grandma Jan's on Christmas afternoon...
Well, we didn't actually take any pictures somehow... BUT we did get to see a white Christmas for the first time! So, this is what we woke up to the day after Christmas...

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! In all, we had about 6 inches!


Rebecca making a snow angel

Rebecca and my mom

 Daddy and Zach trying to find a steep enough hill to sled on
 Gotta make a snowman!
 Can you see the HUGE snowball headed for Rebecca's head?
Zach is getting in on the fun now!

After a couple of days at my mom's we went to The Great Wolf Lodge. We had a great time playing in the water park and shopping! I have a couple of pictures on my phone that I have to download and post.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!

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