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Friday, June 25, 2010

Prayer request for Anna Grace

I don't think I've mentioned lately that I am so thankful for this faithful community of heart families! I love how we can come together to pray, encourage, share, educate, laugh, and cry together. One of the family is in an all too familiar place right now...

Please pray for The Bentley family today while little Anna Grace is in surgery right now for her Glenn. Everything is going well so far. Please pray for Dr. Bradley and his team.

She was born at MUSC 6 months ago, had her first surgery there before coming home at 1 month old. How fresh those memories are for her mom and dad, making it all the harder to hand her over this morning. She did well (thanks to versed!).

You can follow their updates during their stay at  Leave them a note to let them know that they are being lifted up to The Great Physician.


  1. Thank you for letting us know about Anna's surgery! Don't you wish we could get a big group of heart mom's together one weekend? What a God-glorifying time that would be!

    have a great weekend!



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