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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big announcement and Family Beach Trip 2010

Things have been so crazy these past few weeks! I noticed that I have not posted in over 2 weeks! I have so much to update here... where to begin???

Well, first of all, I won't keep you guessing about my big announcement (lest some of you jump to drastic conclusions like "Pam must be expecting!" Let me assure you that 40-year-old Pam is NOT EXPECTING!) But there are going to be some big changes for our family!

I am the new School Library Media Specialist at a local Junior High School!

I completed my degree last December. We were originally planning to wait for me to find a job until Zach was ready for full-day 5K, but God provided this opportunity now. I don't know what the economy is like in terms of education where you live, but around here, things are tough. Word is, it will be worse for the 2011-2012 school year (when I was planning to hunt for a job). So, I am taking this job.
We have found a great preschool for Zach that is only about 1 mile from my school. It will be nice to have him close by in case he should get sick or something. He will be delayed in starting school because of his surgery --- his cardiologist said we could expect about 6-8 weeks, so that puts us at the end of August. We have a lead on a young lady from our church to stay with him some when Bill needs to work away from home.
Some days, I think I am crazy for attempting this right now, with all that we have ahead of us for the month of July. Please pray extra hard:
  • for Zach to be healthy prior to surgery so it won't be postponed
  • for surgery not to be postponed by us getting bumped
  • for Zach's recovery to be complication-free so we can get home and do some real recouperating.
Thank you so much for your faithful prayers!

Beach Trip 2010
We went last week to our annual beach trip with my family. For the past 10 years, my folks have rented a huge house for the whole family and extended family to gather at. It is always so much fun but so crazy with 20-25 people there! This year, Zach had an awful reaction to the sunscreen on the first day there. The crazy thing is, I know we used that same type of sunscreen last summer with no problems. I went and bought some milder stuff to no avail. He was pretty miserable and it affected his behavior as well. I ended up getting some Benedryl, which helped with the itching and made him sleepy rather than hyping him up. (One time, I gave Rebecca some Benedryl and her eyes stayed dilated for several hours! She was a wild child on that stuff! So, needless to say, I was a bit concerned about giving Zach the stuff, being that he is already a wild child!!!) He is no longer itching but still has the rash on his back, chest, and belly. The doctor said to let it clear up and then try a small patch with a basic cream sunscreen for babies. He said to avoid the spray-on stuff.

We have been really slack about having professional pictures made. Here's some pictures that my sister-in-law took of us on the beach. Zach cooperated for just a few pictures, but I was really pleased! I think they look quite professional!

I included the one of Zach on the steps going back up to the beach house. He had decided that the photo session was over!

We had a ping pong table, pool table, and foosball table in the media room. Needless to say, that is where the kids spent most of their time. This is Rebecca and my sister's two children.
Zach in his favorite hiding spot --- under the pool table!

As you can see, I have a big family. There's my mom, my 4 siblings and their spouses and kids, and some of my aunts and uncles from my mom and my dad's side. Lots of love to go around!

We also had a pool --- it was well used despite the water being quite cold.

We set up tents on the beach and Bill and Zach put them to good use for an afternoon nap.

In the afternoons, there was a huge tidepool for the kids to play in.

Low tide provided lots of room for a game of chase!

Our little heart warrior was just happy to splash in the waves! Don't you love the reflection in the sand?

Hope you are enjoying your summer, too!


  1. The pictures are great! Thank you for sharing them and congratulations on your job. It is so exciting!!! Praying about Charleston.....

    Tina Bentley

  2. Love those pics....Beautiful!!!
    Praying for you guys..

    Rhonda :)

    RHONDA :)


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