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Friday, March 12, 2010

Cardiology checkup

Zach had a checkup with the cardiologist this morning. Dr. R is following him closely in preparation of his upcoming heart cath on April 6 at MUSC. He did another heart cath and said that everything looks as good as it can get. His leaks are the same (not worse - PTL!), murmur sounds the same, systolic function (whatever that means) is as good as a healthy heart.

I asked about Zach's weight (he was 30.3 lbs) and if we should try giving him something to supplement his diet. He is a typical preschooler in that he eats mostly chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. He likes baby carrots w/ ranch and will eat green beans with a lot of encouragement. He loves fruit. The problem is, he doesn't drink much milk and lately doesn't eat cheese except on pizza. He does like yogurt and eats 1-2 tubes of Go-Gurt a day. He said it would be ok to try some Pediasure. He just doesn't want to overdo it because he is pleased with Zach's growth thus far and proportionally, his weight measures up to his height (no pun intended). He doesn't want him to get chunky.

One thing that he said bothered me a bit --- no, a lot. He said the heart cath would help them assess whether Zach was a good candidate for the Fontan. Not sure if he meant "right now" or "ever" and I didn't think to ask at the time. So, not having the Fontan means... what? Anyone with any insight on this, please chime in and calm this mama's nerves.

The biggest blessing of our visit with Dr. R is that he prayed with us! We circled up and held hands, Zach included, and had prayer for Zach's cath, for safe travel to MUSC next month, and for wisdom for us as Zach's parents. How precious! We are so blessed to have a wonderful, Christian doctor!


  1. I think it means if he is ready to have the least that is my guess. I would think they would've mentioned if they felt his heart wasn't up to par and would require a transplant.

    Glad he is doing well otherwise!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  2. I will be praying for the lil man!! It is soo wonderful to have praying Drs. I love it..and we are so Blessed to have a praying cardiologist, a praying pediatrician, and most recently a praying, Surgeon. Who is doing Zach's cath? Dr. Bandisoe ?? Just curious...Will be here if you need me ...Praying Praying Praying!


    Rhonda ~

  3. Rhonda,
    I'm not sure yet who will do the cath. I hope we'll get a call soon with all the details.
    Thanks for your prayers!
    ps - we need to get together once Zeb is healed up --- I think we live near one another!

  4. We'll be praying for Zach's cath!! I know you're nervous, but I hope you can feel the prayers.

    About the whole "candidate for the Fontan" remark...that's what we were told too before the Glenn and about the Fontan. I think they have to say that because there's not a guarantee that they'll be able to do those surgeries. If the pulmonary pressures are too high (but they would try to get them down with meds if that were the case), then he probably wouldn't be a candidate for the surgery, and a transplant would be necessary. DON'T focus on that though (yeah right, right?).

    At D's first cath his pulmonary pressures were too high for the Glenn. (We didn't realize how high until the second cath, but that's probably a good thing.) It really just meant he hadn't grown enough. When he went for the second one, his pressures were much more ideal and that meant it was time for surgery. I think the Fontan works basically the same way.

    Anyway, I don't know if that was any help, but what I'm trying to say is that I think they have to preface the whole surgery thing with "IF they're a candidate" because other things play a part other than just the heart. But what I'm REALLY saying is we're praying! Hard! Keep us posted!

    Big heart hugs and prayers,

  5. Hi, I was blog hopping and found your blog, Ethan has TGA PS and VSD... I hope you dont mind, but I have sent the link for your blog to a lady called Safina that has emailed me after finding Ethans blog - she is pregnant and baby is the same as Ethan but single ventricle.
    We know lots of friends that have had the fontan. You can see the heartline board here if thats any help..

    Sending our love & prayers from the uk - Sam x

  6. Never give up Zach... God always keep your heart getting more better


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