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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eating right...

A while back, I checked out a book, one of a series, from our library called Eat This, Not That. Have you seen these books?

There is a ton of info in these books! Go to Amazon and check them out. They sell them at Walmart, too. I try to be careful about what we eat, but I was blown away as I read some of the nutritional info of the foods that I am buying for my family. Yikes! The fat... the sugar... the sodium! I have never really worried about sodium all that much, but I have been thinking about it more lately, especially for Zach. He's currently on Lasix for some pulmonary vascular congestion, so maybe I need to pay a little more attention...

The Funky Heart got my attention today with a post about "Low sodium" salt and that got me thinking... how much salt should Zach be getting? I haven't taken the time to Google it and I can't seem to remember to ask our cardiologist about it (my brain usually turns to mush during appointments and I can't remember a thing --- need desperately to make a list). Maybe I'm worrying about something that is not really a problem, since our doctor hasn't given us any diet restrictions. In any case, does anyone have any guidelines that they use? Any good recipes? Other tips of what to get a picky preschooler to eat?

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