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Saturday, March 5, 2011


13. Some consider it an unlucky number. I consider it a very blessed number. 13 is the number of years that we have spent with our beautiful, bright, talented Rebecca. 13 years ago our baby girl looked like this...

Now... 13.

Daddy's little girl

Nana made an incredible cake!

Make a wish!

Minute To Win It games in the garage!

What a nutcase!

So blessed to have great friends!

Proud Papa...

...and Nana.

Rebecca, we are so amazed at the young lady you have grown into! You are so beautiful on the outside, but more importantly, you are beautiful on the inside. We can't wait to see what plan God has for your life!


  1. What neat games to play. Might have to try that at Wyatt's next party since he wouldn't let me pull out the fear factor games this year.

    Happy 13th birthday Rebecca!

  2. Happy Birthday Rebecca!!! ...I love love your cake!! :) :)

    ( I am also so excited..I can view your blog from home again...idk how but it works now..Oh how I have missed it!! )


  3. Happy (late) birthday Rebecca!! I bet your party was a blast! LOVE Minute to Win it! :) Hope you had a great day!


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