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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Festivities... unless the sickies have invaded

Bill got to go to Zach's preschool on Thursday for their Thanksgiving dinner and program. Zach's class sang "Every Turkey Can Tango" and acted out the story of the pilgrims and the Indians on the first Thanksgiving. They had a great time!

Here's the place setting that each child made

Zach (the one with his shirt pulled up!) is showing off how thankful he is to be a CHD Survivor

Look at all the desserts!

This morning before church, Zach did not want his breakfast. This has become more and more common on school mornings and we often take it in the car with us for him to eat on the way. Toward the end of children's church, he started acting like he didn't feel good and sure enough, after we got home, he started running a fever. His tummy has been a little upset, too. Please pray that this is just one of those short-lived bugs.

While I'm on the subject, can anyone recommend a really good thermometer? I bought a temple-read thermometer from Walgreen's but it doesn't seem to be reliable --- I can take his temp several times and get several different results. I know he has a fever because I can feel that he's hot. I just like to keep tabs on how high it is.

Some other prayer requests for our family...
  • Zach goes to the cardiologist on Tuesday for a checkup.
  • Zach has an assessment, also on Tuesday, for his TEFRA (Medicaid) to see if he still qualifies for benefits. I am nervous about this because we could be denied and have to go through the appeal process. Anyone have experience with this? I don't know if it differs from state to state?
  • We are supposed to travel to have Thanksgiving with Bill's family if everyone is well, so please pray for good health.

We are thankful for your faithful prayers!

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  1. What a cute post!! Zach is such an adorable little guy. So sorry that he has come down with a bug. Tis the season. We have our share of sicky bigs in our house the past several weeks. Praying he gets better.

    Praying for your insurance woes.


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