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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

There's no place like home! There's no place like home!

Finally! We are home from MUSC. Praise God, Zach's cath went well. The doctor said he is ready for the Fontan sometime in the next few months, whenever we want to schedule it. She is putting in the request and we will be getting a call to set everything up. We have to look at our schedules and check with our friends who graciously loan us the use of their condo, which is about 10 minutes away from the hospital.

The cath took at little longer than expected because they had to take care of a long corollary artery. It stretches from his shoulder to the bottom of his lung and was preventing the upper area around his Glenn from adequately profusing. I really didn't understand until after the fact how this works. They had to put in 28 coils! I thought they would put in one coil and it would block off the artery. Apparently, they put the coils end to end until they fill up the artery. Amazing!

We had to be at the hospital at 6:15am to register and then were upstairs at 6:30 for prep. Let me say that the team that took care of us was wonderful! Nonetheless, by about 7:15, Zach was starting to ask for a "nack" (snack). He was hollering across the room to the nurses, "Heeeeeyyyy! I wanna 'nack!" When they didn't respond, he said "Mommy, she can't hear me. What 'da matter?" He would ask every new nurse or doctor or anethesiologist that came by to talk to us for a 'nack. This one nurse, Jerrard, was so good with Zach and brought him a bunch of those fake tattoos and let Zach pick out 3 or 4 of them. I thought they were for him to take home, but turns out, they put them on Zach while he was asleep for the cath, so Zach would be surprised to find them on his arms, tops of his feet, and one right over his heart zipper! I'll try to get a picture of this one later.

Finally, just before Zach flaked out from hunger, our nurse brought him a syringe of Versed. He sucked it down like it was good. A few minutes later, as he sat watching TV, I had my arm around him and all of a sudden he sort of laid back on my arm like a ragdoll. He had this goofy grin on his face, and his eyes were about half closed. He giggled a little bit and tried to talk, but couldn't seem to make a word. He was a happy drunk!

After the cath, with Buzz and Woody by his side, he's still very groggy and ready to "Goooo home!!!"

On the way to x-ray to make sure all those coils are still in place.


So, now we have to keep him still until Friday. Ought to be interesting! This boy NEVER sits still! Please give me some ideas of quiet activites that have worked for you.


  1. So happy to hear you are home and that things went well! Keep us posted on the surgery date!

  2. I am so glad to hear you are home and that all went well.. Guess what?? We love Jerrard!! He is such an amazing nurse..He actually used to work in PCICU and took care of Zeb our 2nd trip to MUSC. We got to see him this time too in the Preop/Cath Lab...He is great. I know you were Blessed to have him..I can't wait to see the pics. Good Luck keeping him still...LOL>.We use lots or playdough, finger paints, movies, but seriously..most of it doesn't work....Prayers going up for you guys. Let us know when his surgery date is too....


  3. So thankful to see Zach come through his cath with flying colors. And thankful you are HOME sweet HOME. Also glad to see Zach is a good candidate for the Fontan ... I don't have any reason to think otherwise, but I get nervous about that for Luke. Zach is so strong, and that is such a good thing going into heart surgery. We will praying for God's perfect timing of Zach's surgery!

    Heart hugs!


  4. It is SUCH a blessing to be HOME isn't it???? So glad to hear that Zach did well during his cath & that things are on schedule for the Fontan. As for keeping still... our Zach likes to look at pictures of himself on the computer - just set up a slideshow and the boy will sit still for an hour and look at pictures of his adventures. Hope it works for your Zach.....

    Love to you!

    The Bentley's
    Mom to Anna Grace (HRHS)


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